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These are research and subject guides, prepared by Edinboro University librarians. Know what we know - find it in LibGuides! As always, if you are having difficulty, ask a librarian. (814) 732-2253



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Need More Help?

For additional assistance, consult a professional librarian at the Information Desk or:

  • Phone (814) 732-2253 for Reference, Information.
  • E-Mail  If you don't wish to use the form, our e-mail address is
  • You can IM us by going to the Library Home Page during staffed hours.

Hints when using IM with our librarians.

  1. We will answer as fast as we can. Often we are working with other patrons when the IM comes in, so give us some time to answer you. Please don't log off a few seconds after you send the message
  2. Some times we are helping others away from the desk, so again, please give us time.

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Barry J. Gray
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RM 105 | Baron-Forness Library
Edinboro University of PA
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